... Curlsmith's natural formulas are fragrant, satisfying and deeply nourishing ‘food for curls.’ All products are blended carefully in small batches under the strict supervision of Master Curlsmith. So, a group got together and became Curlsmith. We explored everything from the science of curl growth to the art of curl maintenance, and poured all of this knowledge into Curlsmith. They interviewed experts on camera – trichologists, celebrity hairdressers and social influencers - on how to create new curly styles and content. Curlsmith is a gourmet haircare brand that was made for curly girls. Qhemet Biologics. Initially, swapping curly hair insight on social media, the demand for their advice and recommendations grew so large that the women decided to come together and create a community. Qhemet is a clean, plant based hair care line founded and owned by a woman historian with 4C hair, Felis Butler. Along their journey, the women interviewed trichologist (a hair dermatologist), celebrity hairdressers, & social influencers. 8. The journey may sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Inspired by generations of home made hair remedies, Curlsmith blends fresh curl-loving foods with kitchen cupboard staples and rare organic ingredients to make premium products that really work. The women also worked with their … CURLSMITH is the first gourmet haircare brand specifically created for curls. The business: Curlsmith is the first gourmet haircare brand specifically created for curly and wavy [hair]. The transition to natural hair is the process of growing out your true texture after years of straightening, blow-drying or using damaging products. The product line launched in March and was created in collaboration with trichologists, hair stylists, beauty experts, and consumers inspired from home recipes and remedies with natural ingredients. We developed our hard-working curl care range in collaboration with world-renowned trichologists, curly hairstylists, beauty experts, and bloggers. They were also deluged with messages; many were requests for product recommendations for curly hai, which their followers complained were difficult to get hold of, poor value and full of chemicals. Read more SHOP ALL CURLSMITH Haircare. CURLSMITH is the first gourmet haircare brand specifically created for curls. She founded Alikay Naturals at 22 and created a method and routine for applying products called the “LOC” method a few years later. Leave on for 3 minutes, rinse and reveal silky smooth, de-tangled curls. Meet TRANSITION, Curlsmith’s easy, hassle-free transitioning kit. Curlsmith was created by 8 diverse women. CURLSMITH - The first gourmet haircare brand specifically created for curls. Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash: Apply a generous blob of product on wet hair.Massage onto the scalp and smooth through the lengths, finger detangling until you get rid of all the knots. Curlsmith is making it easier than ever to embrace your natural curls and unleash your curl potential. 8 / 50.