Ripe fruit is delicious and a good source of vitamin C. If these fruit are not in … Peel the peach, remove the pit, and cut the…, This is a thick purée that is ideal for spreading on toast or for coating large pieces of cooked pasta with for finger food. My First Chicken Curry. Your limited edition baby grow will be size 0-6 or 6-12 months, depending on the age of your baby. You can include other vegetables too. Ingredients Handful of kale leaves Stem of broccoli Piece of…, Butternut squash, pea, broccoli and kale With thanks to Annabel Karmel   You can choose how smooth or lumpy to make this yummy butternut squash, pea, broccoli and kale dish depending on where your little one is on their weaning journey. Prep: 5 minutes Cook: 7 minutes Makes: 2 portions Suitable for freezing   Ingredients 1 large apple, peeled, cored and chopped 1 large peach, peeled, stoned and chopped 75g…. Full-fat, unsweetened or plain yoghurts are a good choice because they don't contain added sugars. It’s probably a bit early for offering your little one breakfast, dinner and lunch just yet. 2nd Floor, 30 Marketplace *Weaning is recommended at around 6 months. Superfood Scrambled Egg. © Nutricia 2020 This could accompany a meat/fish puree if it’s not enough by itself. It’s best to avoid finger foods until your baby is at least 6 months old. If you are starting out on your baby’s weaning journey, we have a range of recipes to tempt your little one, whether you are embarking on spoon-fed weaning or baby-led weaning. Ingredients Half a butternut squash 200g cooked green lentils Quarter of a red onion, finely chopped l…, Super Green Purée recipe With thanks to Sally Hall, author of Plant Based Baby One of the best ways to get vitamins into your baby is to offer a good mix of vegetables and fruit and this brightly coloured purée used three great, fresh ingredients. Make sure you purée or mash the porridge and compote to the right texture for your little one. Please speak with a healthcare professional before introducing solid foods. **For the first 15,000 people who sign up through us. Ingredients: 1 handful of green beans 1 peach Method: Trim the green beans, wash them and drain. Whole pasteurised (full-fat) cows' milk, or goats' or sheep's milk, can be used in cooking or mixed with food from around 6 months old, but not as a drink until your baby is 12 months. If you haven’t already, read up on how to prepare and store baby food safely before you get started. These simple veggie purées are easy to prepare and can be frozen in ice cube trays to use later in the week. Please speak with a healthcare professional before introducing solid foods. Start with smooth purées and increase the thickness gradually. Add some water to a steamer and place the carrots and pears onto the bottom of the steamer and place the kale on the top. Unfortunately, parents are (willingly or not) confronted with a vast amount of confusing advice on…, This recipe is great to use once weaning is established by using it as a way to pack out a main meal. Ingredients 5 broccoli florets A large handful of peas 2-4 mint leaves, depending on size Method Steam…, Ingredients 1 Sweet potato 1 dessert apple Around 200ml of breast milk or formula   Method Cut and peel both the sweet potato and apple. Once your little one is comfortable eating single veggies, you can start to mix things up a bit and introduce fruits and other vegetables too. It’s amazing how a bit of sweet potato can transform an opinion on broccoli! Blackberries, 1 tablespoon of oats, 2 tablespoons of breast ribbon formula milk. Smooth purées (roughly the consistency of double cream) are great for helping your little one master the art of swallowing solid foods. 1 carrot A few sprigs of flat leaf parsley. Ingredients: 5 mushrooms, peeled and sliced thinly 1/4 packet spinach Butter Method: Gently fry the mushroom slices in butter remembering not to bash them about too much but flipping them over once until…, Once you’ve introduced first tastes and moved onto stage 2 of weaning we’d recommend adding some subtle flavours to the food you give your little one. Once your baby’s getting to grips with veggies, as long as you stick to single flavours, you can turn almost any fruit or veg into a baby-friendly purée. Ready to stop worrying about what other people think and do what feels right to you? Once they’re confident with simple veggies, you can start to introduce other vegetables and fruits too. Copyright Weaning Week © By The Media Snug Ltd. Yes, I agree with privacy policy, terms and conditions, The Media Snug, We’ll give you the support you need to follow your instincts and enjoy parenthood to the max: *Weaning is recommended at around 6 months. Do not leave your little one unattended when eating and drinking. For adults top with toasted seeds or ground…, Dr Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani, In-House Paediatrician and Co-Founder of Little Tummy Introducing solids is an exciting time for parents and babies. From baby brain food, to fun purees, browse our weaning recipes and introduce your baby to solids in an exciting way that can also help your baby’s development. Nutrient-rich recipe ideas for babies 6-9 months. Your limited edition baby grow will be size 0-6 or 6-12 months, depending on the age of your baby. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to simmer until…, Ingredients 1 tbsp of baby rice 3 tbsp of formula or breast milk 1 quarter of a large banana   Make up the baby rice first by putting the powder into a bowl and then mixing in the warmed milk Then add in the banana sliced so that’s it’s easier to mash. Simple, single veggies, like carrots, peas or broccoli are the ideal first foods for your baby. Braised Beef with Sweet Potato. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive tips, advice, recipes and competitions! Try soft peeled peach slices, avocado sticks or cooked sweet potato wedges. The most well-known health benefit of blackcurrants is that they contain large amounts of vitamin C. Did you know, weight for weight, blackcurrants contain…, This recipe from Beaba’s Your Baby’s First Food cookbook is ideal for babies aged from 6-months; after you’ve tried them with green beans and peaches on their own. May 17, 2018 - Explore Veneta Mitova's board "baby weaning recipes 6 months" on Pinterest. Make a big batch and mix up the berries and store in the fridge for all the family. Always seek the advice of your GP or health visitor if you have questions or are concerned about weaning your child. The garam masala adds spice without heat so is a great way to introduce your baby to new flavours.…, Porridge with fruity compote  With thanks to Organix A thoroughly fruity breakfast that the whole family can enjoy. Contact us on Facebook (6am - midnight 7 days a week), Get answers to your most frequently asked questions, Reviewed by Nutricia’s Medical and Scientific Affairs Team. The browser you are using is too old for our website. Babies love to discover new textures and flavours and parents are curious to find out about their little one’s preferences. recipe– you’re sure to get your weaning journey off to a flying start with this tempting trio of fruits. The information on this site is for general information purposes only. 3 tablespoons of formula or breast milk Method: Place the lentils in a small…, Ingredients: 2 ripe pears 1 carrot 1 handful of kale leaves 3 tablespoons of breast or formula milk Method: Peel the carrot and pears and chop into large pieces. Before introducing any of these yummy recipes it’s important to check that your baby’s ready. All the recipes below are suitable for babies from around 6 months. Method: Peel, core and slice the apples and place in a saucepan with the water, bring this to the boil, reduce the heat add the blackberries and cook for approximately 10 minutes or until soft.