With the Fairchild collection, they’ve gone all out, modelling each and every component down to its most idiosyncratic elements. VCA compressors came on the scene in the 70s with the introduction of integrated circuits (ICs) that could perform gain reduction cheaply and with more predictable results than earlier methods. There are lots of tube compressors out there, but like the LA-2A, not all of them create their gain reduction effect using the tubes themselves. From basics like the Renaissance Compressor, to multiband masters like C6, to vintage models CLA Classics and PuigChild 660 & 670, Waves compressor plugins keep your dynamics in check. Michael Hahn is an engineer and producer at Autoland and member of the swirling indie rock trio Slight. I ended up with this compressor after testing all of the plugins mentioned in this post (and many more). The expanded 1176 collection includes several rare revisions of the original circuit modelled to perfection. $79.00 Buy BUYING! At just $29 USD (at the time of this writing) Plugin Alliance’s digital recreation of the popular Lindell 7X-500 series module is a charmingly inexpensive way to get started with FET compression. Compression and EQ are the two most essential tools in mixing. You’ll always get the right tool for the job if you know what a compressor does, the different compressor types and where they work best. Softube CL1B is based on Danish manufacturer Tube Tech’s tube-driven take on the optical LA-2A design. Glue compressor works great for providing that subtle sonic adhesive that holds individual busses and entire mixes together. But choosing the right compressor plugin isn’t easy. Luckily, plugin manufacturers have been creating digital recreations of the Fairchild and other beefy sounding tube comps since the dawn of digital. When used with aggressive transient sounds, such as kick drums or bass, the VCA160’s fast response can create a classic punch or “thwack”, which has become a unique part of its famously punchy pedigree. If you’re searching for the classic SSL sound, why not go straight to the source? Vertigo VSC-2 VCA Compressor by Plugin Alliance $299. Digital compressors are perfect whenever you want ultra-transparent compression that doesn’t affect the basic sound of the source material. Tube compressors sound fantastic in many situations, especially any time you want to enhance the source material with pleasing colouration and saturation. Cytomic’s The Glue is another great take on the SSL Bus compressor design. if (!window.AdButler){(function(){var s = document.createElement("script"); s.async = true; s.type = "text/javascript";s.src = 'https://servedbyadbutler.com/app.js';var n = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; n.parentNode.insertBefore(s, n);}());} Développeur : Minimal System Group. This completely free plugin will get you the tube driven compression tones of the larger version with ease. Waves CLA-2A has been on the scene for a while now, but it’s still a great option for the smooth optical sound of the LA-2A in your DAW. The legendary Teletronix LA-2A is an optical compressor with a tube makeup gain stage. I’m cheating a bit here since this is a built-in DAW plugin. ADHD Levelling tool is a handy freeware compressor that will bring LA-2A style optical compression into your sessions without breaking the bank. This stylish delta-mu style compressor has the vibey look—and sound—of the legendary Gates STA-Level hardware unit that dates back to 1956. Are you an Audio Software or Plug-in Developer? It’s a lightweight plugin that will give you that classic VCA gain reduction without choking your CPU. This near mythical vintage comp commands the typical high prices of old school tube compressors and is famous for its ability to utterly squash the signal without unpleasant artifacts. var abkw = window.abkw || ''; But if you’re an Ableton Live Suite user you already have access to an excellent VCA style compressor modelled on the SSL bus comp. You’ll need to reduce the dynamic range of most signals you record so that both the loud and quiet moments are equally audible in the mix. this plugin is free for all customers. Fabfilter Pro C-2 is the undisputed king of advanced compression. Plugins Alliance sells another compressor called the Vertigo VSC-2, which provides even more dirt, grit, and warmth than bx_townhouse. Analog Obsession FETISH is an excellent free software 1176-style compressor. X Checkout. Creating compression with vacuum tube circuitry alone is possible, but it’s considered much more difficult and expensive than other methods. simple vca compressor with standard value knobs. A compressor is an audio processor that’s used in mixing to reduce the dynamic range of audio signals. Analog Obsesion dev Tunca has moved their entire plugin library to Patreon. just buy something and you can download our all free product with the purchased product! Optical compression has a particularly musical sounding action due to the physical properties of the photocell. if you need to use this plugin you don't need to drop this product into the bag. Top Searches Readers Choice 2020 Winners Everything The Newest Plug-ins … VCA compressors came on the scene in the 70s with the introduction of integrated circuits (ICs) that could perform gain reduction cheaply and with more predictable results than earlier methods. Add A Review My KVR < 1 > More Searches To Try. That’s why true tube compressors (sometimes called “delta-mu” compressors) are large, bulky and expensive. The tubes and transformers required to make these processors work are impractical for all but the most serious setups.