Structural Requirements 4 4. 1.5 History of long span structures. (Frey) z The arrangement of the functional elements into physical blocks. Figure 2: Wikipedia Technical Architecture [15] 4 Types of Building’s Structural System Skeleton Structure System Beam and column System Frame Truss Arch A structure, forming the curved, pointed, or flat upper edge of an open space and supporting the weight above it, as in a bridge or doorway. Architecture z The structure, arrangements or configuration of system elements and their internal relationships necessary to satisfy constraints and requirements. Layered application architecture Presentation layer • Concerned with presenting the results of a computation to system users and with collecting user inputs. ployed in our system. 1.8 Form active structural systems: cable structures, tent structures, pneumatic documentation on the structure of the system and the information is provided. The bus can be used fo r only one transfer at a time so that only two units can actively use the bus at any given time. The following illustration shows the technical architecture of machines used to store and display the information to users online through a mix of database, backup, web, search and proxy servers. The system structure where all units ar e connected to a bus. To foster informed intuition for structures, this book has many illustrations visualizing structural behavior and to complement and clarify mathematical concepts. Basic Structural Elements 9-10 6. basic structural system in architecture 1. 10. The components of an architectural space interact between human, form and environment. If it is a large span structure, the elements are not fully performed in the factory, but it is imposed as a solution the performance of elements in the form of Introduction 1 2. The architecture is composed of three layers: the user interface layer, the application logic layer and the database layer. -They are light weight constructions using shell elements. This system usually functions parallel to other systems and together they create the whole architectural creation. 1.6 Classification of long span and complex structures based on system of forces. 2.2 Structural systems in architecture The structural system is one of the most important architectural and structural component in architecture (including industrial products like furniture, cars, airplanes, ships etc.). (Ulrich & Eppinger) z An abstract description of the entities of a system … The three-tierarchitecture aims to solve a number of recurring design and development problems, hence Title Page No 1. 1.4 Common structural forms of long span building structures. architecture, storage system design, transaction system implementa-tion, query processor and optimizer architectures, and typical shared components and utilities. While the book is primarily targeted for students of architecture, it also serves as reference book for students of civil engineering, and The Relationship Of Structure To Building 2-3 3. Folded Structures in Modern Architecture 5 assembled on site. Study On Basic Structural System Submitted By: 130103 130110 130113 130123 130133 120123 2. Successful commercial and open-source sys-tems are used as points of reference, particularly when multiple alter-native designs have been adopted by different groups. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Structural Development In Architectural History 5-8 5. Application processing layer • Concerned with providing application specific functionality e.g., in a banking system, banking functions such as open account, close account, etc. 1.7 Form active, vector active, section active and surface active systems.