Monument to the dead at Mountain Meadows, 1900. New Volumes Contribute to Understanding. Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial Location Mountain Meadows, Washington County , Utah , USA Show Map Discover Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial in Veyo, Utah: A stoic rock cairn is all that remains to remember one of the more brutal instances of frontier treachery in American history. In short: September 11, 1857, was the date of Utah’s darkest, most disturbing day. Planners, Schemers, Shakers, and Masterminds of Mountain Meadows Massacre: When assessing blame for the massacre, one must never forget the schemers and planners who lacked the guts to do their own dirty work (very much like Iraq) but eager to set forth plans for others. Mountain Meadows Massacre, (September 1857), in U.S. history, slaughter of a band of Arkansas emigrants passing through Utah on their way to California.Angered by the U.S. government’s decision to send troops into the Utah territory, Mormons there were further incensed in 1857 when a band of emigrants set up camp 40 miles (64 km) from Cedar City. The volumes, titled Mountain Meadows Massacre: Collected Legal Papers, Initial Investigations and Indictments, and Mountain Meadows Massacre: Selected Trial Records and Aftermath, are now available from the University of Oklahoma Press and Amazon. There have been several remembrances of the Mountain Meadows massacre including commemorative observances, ... 1955 monument, showing map and short summary of the massacre. Mormons and Paiutes killed 123 men, women, and children who had put their lives in their hands. The party reached Mountain Meadows about ten o'clock Friday morning, and after the camp had been arranged, Lee pointed out the var­ious places of interest connected with the massacre, and recapitulated the horrors of that event. Drawn from documents previously not available to scholars and a careful re-reading of traditional sources, this gripping narrative offers fascinating new insight into why Mormons settlers in isolated southern Utah deceived the emigrant party with a promise of safety and then killed … Just like on September 11, 2001, religious zealots murdered innocent people in cold blood. The Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 and the Trials of John D. Lee: An Account; Chronology; The Mountain Meadows Massacre: Maps; Mountain Meadows Massacre: Images; The Poland Act; The Chain of Command, as it relates to the Mountain Meadows Massacre; Proclamation by the Governor; Special Report on the Mountain Meadows Massacre It was unveiled during a Fancher Family reunion on September 4, 1955. Massacre at Mountain Meadows offers the most thoroughly researched account of the massacre ever written. Those are: Brigham Young (Governor, Prophet & much, much more) (Bagley) (Denton) George A. Smith | Mountain Meadows … May 11, 2017–Two new volumes contribute to understanding the Mountain Meadows Massacre.. On one side of this monument is a map and short … To commemorate the massacre a monument was installed in the town square of Harrison, Arkansas. A more dreary scene than the present appearance of Mountain Meadows cannot be imagined. Site Map; 1857: Mountain Meadows Massacre.