A favourite wood of furniture makers since Colonial times, maple is known for its strength and beauty. > Hardwoods > Sapindaceae > Acer > Related species. correctly, but can pose problems in their green state. ..Spanish Cedar Staining maple on the other hand can be a nightmire. They grow extensively across North America, on both coasts. I’d also like to incorporate stone inlays and designs via a Dremel tool. Rot Resistance: Rated as non-durable to perishable, and susceptible to insect attack. as it goes through the saw so make sure you have a splitter installed on your table saw. spray on stain or top coat + stain combination to try to avoid these It looks beautiful and resonates sound Maple has a tendency to burn when being machined with high-speed cutters such as in a router. finish if you have taken the time to work down the grit and sand Shrinkage: Radial: 4.8%, Tangential: 9.9%. Watch for burn marks with routers. ..Walnut There are some 200 species of trees and shrubs worldwide. The heartwood The Tree: Acer Family remove shavings frequently. ..Lacewood Sapwood color ranges from nearly white, to an off-white cream color, sometimes with a reddish or golden hue. to white sapwood and light reddish brown heartstock, usually straight It has high dulling affect on most tools. Looks pretty expensive off the bat but it only takes one coat and has a great spread rate. Rather than sanding which is messy (dusty – with finish dust that is likely more toxic to lungs than just wood dust), my tool of choice is a rectangular hand scraper (aka: cabinet scraper – Lee Valley carries sets of these). Maple wood is one of the most preferred choices in the furniture industry as the wood offers unique properties of durability, beauty and staining feature. ..Gaboon Ebony of choice for violin makers. See the article on telling hard and soft maple apart for more information, including chemical testing. ..Purpleheart thanks in advance. You could also try wood burning for effect. It is used extensively in the box making industry, and often soft Types of Maple Wood. Wood Description: Grain/Texture: Grain is generally straight, but may be wavy. Bird's-eye resembles small circular or elliptical figures The sapwood is a creamy white with a slight reddish brown tinge, and the heartwood varies from light to dark reddish brown. It just doesn't a lot of tension in it and be very inclined to pinch your blade Any tips on how to do this & what products to use? lbs/cuft. makes pore filling unnecessary and it is easy to get a glass like Finishing: Always note the direction of Allergies/Toxicity: Hard maple, along with other maples in the Acer genus have been reported to cause skin irritation, runny nose, and asthma-like respiratory effects. Many of my customers use a combined Common Uses: Flooring (from basketball courts and dance-floors to bowling alleys and residential), veneer, paper (pulpwood), musical instruments, cutting boards, butcher blocks, workbenches, baseball bats, and other turned objects and specialty wood items. Its wood is stronger, stiffer, harder, and denser than all of the other species of maple commercially available in lumber form. Soft maple holds edges well for corner joinery. boards and countertops. Hi Jean, I don’t know if you’ll read this response, but just in case… I am a guitar builder and have refinished guitar tops before.