Kirin Salty Lychee Drink (product information) Kirin is doing some sort of promotion in which they talk about the combination of fruit and salt. Hương vị quê nhà ~ふるさとの味~ F-1 DH グリーンチリシュリンプソルト 60g 凝縮されたエビのうまみのピリ辛塩 ¥145 The Best Lychee Drink Recipes on Yummly | Valetine's Day Isfahan Style Pink Raspberry Lychee Pavlova, Lychee-coconut Phirni In Alphonso Mango, Chocolate Pots De Creme With Passion Caramel, Candied Ginger Just a hint of lychee and taste in this calpico, sooo delicious, totally reminds me of Japan. 【南国フルーツ】甘い芳香が特徴のライチジュース。ライチ ドリンク FOCO 350ml lychee drink 【あす楽対応】【非常食】【保存食】【長期保存】 This lychee-flavoured Ramune or 'lamune' soda is a fruity, fun Japanese summer experience! Pop the marble into the special marble neck bottle and enjoy. I am very aware that salt can do a lot of things for various dishes, including boost the sweetness level of various types of fruit (watermelon in particular) as well as add complexity to chocolate and other types of sweets. I can drink this everyday, and my son loves it. Original flavor and peach flavor is also very yummy!! I can drink this everyday, and my son loves it. Please rate this product: (plus 3 Images and thousands of more reviews). Making a lychee drink is a splendid idea.