Our 3rd #seoulbox arrived today! Get a Monthly Subscription Buy a single Snack Box. At Korean Snack Box we curate the best K-snacks from Korea and ship them worldwide in beautiful gift boxes. Join the family using #SEOULBOX #UNBOXYOURSEOUL. Oh, happy day!!!!! Order today to awaken your Seoul! It's full of flavours from around the globe but in the form of Korean snacks. You will experience delicious new flavors in thoughtful combinations and well balanced flavors. It’s a box from @unboxyourseoul. Getting two BT21 items was the cherry on top! SeoulBox is a Korean snack box with authentic snacks and epic Kpop goodies. Try the most popular Jelly candies from Korea, A beautiful spring themed box for yourself or a friend, Korean Snack box subscription boxes here at Cratejoy. We ship directly from Seoul, South Korea with Korea Post to (almost) anywhere in the world. When you order a subscription you will receive a link to your subscription dashboard where you can cancel your subscription. The Box of the Month is updated with a new surprise theme every month. Click here to see our subscription boxes. You can choose to sign up for a monthly subscription to get a new surprise box every month OR you can buy a single snack box directly for yourself or a friend. Visiting South Korea is probably my biggest dream but for the moment I'm just happy with my #seoulbox and random tiny sosig. It was really yummy! Omg so happy my parcel has now arrived. We will carefully curate the most popular and delicious Korean snacks and send you a new surprise themed box to you directly from South Korea. Buy K-snacks, Korean snacks, candy and chips from Korean Snack Box as a monthly subscription box or as a single box. I have tried SeoulBox. You can order a subscription for yourself or buy it as a perfect gift to a friend who is interested in Kpop or Kdrama or Korean culture :). If you are a Cratejoy member you can also buy our Korean Snack box subscription boxes here at Cratejoy. Pick a box. Deliver a monthly subscription box of Korean Snacks/K-Pop/Cosmetics with FREE international shipping from Korea. Add a product and go to checkout to see the shipping options to your location. Shipping time is normally 5-10 working days. Available in many themes and sizes. You can choose the box size and how many months you want to subscribe for and then you will get a surprise box sent home to you every month as long as you stay as a subscriber. We normally ship orders within 1-2 working days and sometimes already the same day. If you order more than one box you will get a different box every month so that you can try lots of different Korean snacks and candy. Korean Snack Box Set with Chips, Ramen, Food, Noodles, Variety Assortment. All Rights Reserved. Excellent Healthy Gift … Everything in the box is amaizing, there’s  nothing I don't like in this month’s box! Regular K-Snack Box. The most common reasons why people buy K-snacks, candy and chips are their high quality ingredients and lower sugar, salt and fat content compared to e.g. Yes, you can buy all of our snack boxes as a single one-time box. Choose your plan. Want to bring Korea closer to your world? Through our exciting collaborations with local brands, you’ll receive unique items you can only get through SeoulBox, Our Seoulmates love SEOULBOX and love exploring and sharing about Korean culture. © 2020 Monthly Korean Snack Subscription Box | SeoulBox. Become a Seoulmate! A really clever idea! Check out our blog to see what's inside this month (spoiler alert). Follow Korean Snack Box on social media @ksnackbox to get exclusive membership discounts and chance to win free Korean Snack Boxes in our giveaways and events. To bring Korea closer to your world, we partner with a variety of snack and goody makers. Regular price $37.99 View. If you want the box to be shipped directly to the recipient simply add their delivery address during checkout. Subscription boxes are widely popular in the US, Canada and UK but not so common in other countries. Korean snacks, or K-snacks, have recently become widely popular worldwide along with K-pop (Korean pop music), K-drama (Korean TV drama) and K-beauty (Korean beauty and makeup). When you cancel you will not be charged again but any prepaid boxes will still be shipped. If your customs apply fees or taxes they are paid by the customer. Love my SeoulBox subscription! It was super cool to see one of my pictures in the booklet! U.S. snacks. Thanks,  @unboxyourseoul. If you haven't heard about subscription boxes before they work similar as magazine subscriptions. My Korean snack box from @unboxyourseoul has arrived today and I love it... especially the Koya keychain! You can buy our Korean Snack Subscription boxes directly here through our website, and we deliver worldwide. But please note that the packages are shipped from South Korea and depending on which country you live there might be delays in the customs clearance or final delivery to your door. And then you will continue to receive a new Box of the Month around the same time each month until you cancel your subscription and your prepaid boxes are shipped. Ultimate Korean ExperienceAn Epic Story Behind Every Box. For most countries our boxes are below the limit for customs fees and import taxes but please refer to your national customs agency and check the limits in your country. Am so excited to dive in and try everything. Monthly Korean Snack Subscription Box | SeoulBox. Kpop, Kdrama or Korean culture. Access to Seoul Merch Market, Have you watched our latest unboxing?Tap the picture to awaken your Seoul , We understand your desires to experience true sides of Korea!