NaOH is deliquescent. No. It is a white solid ionic compound consisting of sodium cations Na + and hydroxide anions OH −. It is used as a noun to name a compound. Hygroscopic compounds are all those substances that attract water in vapor or liquid from its environment, thus its main application is as desiccants. Qual è la differenza tra il deliquescente efflorescente e igroscopico – Confronto tra le principali differenze Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is an inorganic compound with the formula NaOH. Cos'è Efflorescent - Definizione, processo, esempi 3. Water may also be physically adsorbed. Many react chemically with water such as metal hydrides or alkali metals. If you take a pellet of NaOH out of its reagent bottle and leave it on a watch glass in the open atmosphere it will turn into a puddle by picking up water from the atmosphere. Others take as water of hydration in its crystal structure such as sodium sulfate. Efflorescent, deliquescent and hygroscopic compounds is also indicative of the ability of the compounds to absorb of crystallization. Figure 1: Les pastilles de NaOH peuvent absorber la vapeur d'eau de l'air Les exemples les plus courants de substances déliquescentes incluent certains sels; par exemple, l'hydroxyde de sodium, l'hydroxyde de potassium, le chlorure d'ammonium, le nitrate de sodium, le chlorure de calcium, etc. When pellets of sodium hydroxide, washing soda crystals that is gotten from an airtight container, concentrated tetraoxosulphate(VI) acid and quicklime are each placed on a watch glass after noting their appearances carefully. Differentiate between hygroscopic substance and deliquescent substance. Asked by Chandrashekhar | 18th Sep, 2018, 09:32: PM. The key difference between desiccant and deliquescent is that the term desiccant describes substances that are hygroscopic, but the term deliquescent refers to the ability to absorb moisture and become liquid.. Expert Answer: Deliquescent substances- certain solid substances, when exposed to air absorb water, enough to form solutions. Cos'è il Deliquescent - Definizione, processo, esempi 2. NaOH is a- hygroscopic b- efflorescent c- deliquescent d- photosensitive - Chemistry - The s-Block Elements Ces substances peuvent être utilisées comme agents dessicants. An efflorescent material is one that loses water when exposed to sufficiently dry air. This is the type of material that NaOH represents. The term desiccant refers to a particular substance that can be used to remove moisture from a particular environment. Cos'è Igroscopico - Definizione, processo, esempi 4. The reason why common salts can absorb moisture is that they comprehend substances that are hygroscopic. Not all salts are hygroscopic.