Dapples are the envy of every horse owner. add to cart . To get the palomino tovero horse, pair a grulla/grullo overo horse and a white/light grey Minecraft/Mo' Creatures horse. A dappled coat has long been a sign of optimum equine health and good nutrition, but the reality behind dappling is … You may also like. There is a coat color called silver dapple, in which the horse has dapples year round, and its just the way the color of the hair is mixed with the silver gene. A shiny, gleaming coat usually indicates your horse is healthy and well-groomed. CWRW brings the classic and stunning look of the Dapple Grey to the HiveWire Horse. A lot of bay horses especially will get dapples in the summer if they are healthy and fed a good diet. Compatible with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4.9+. Dappled grey horses are very beautiful as they have white spots or dark rings (dapples) on their coat as it grays out. Most of the time though its just good health and a happy horse. Hey! In this video I will be showing you how to get any horse coat in Alicia Online! How to Get a Horse’s Coat to Dapple. Find dappled grey horses for sale. Some horses are genetically more likely to get these round areas of different colored hair. Other times, proper nutrition and grooming can bring them out. Toon Horse for the HiveWire Horse . Check items to add to the cart or select all. The grulla/grullo tovero horse can be obtained by breeding a dappled grey horse with a white/light grey Minecraft/Mo' Creatures horse and breed them. Great for the HiveWire Horse Breed Morphs and the Toon Horse as well, the Dapple Grey can also be used to make your own Andalusian Horse. $9.95.