clear saw log = $120, $1.25 per bf. As a logger and harvester of standing timber, there are several factors to consider when determining the standing timber prices you will pay. By using The Balance Small Business, you accept our. Monday-Friday / 8am-5pm EST Prestigious Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree's now in stock. The information you obtain from sawmills will be valuable when you are bidding on a piece of timber. Chelsea Lumber Company Chelsea Location: 1 Old Barn Circle, Chelsea, MI 48118: 800-875-9126 or 734-475-9126 Saline Location: 600 East Michigan Avenue, Saline, MI 48176: 888-429-5454 or 734-429-5494 Most of the pricing below is for an unselected grade figure and does not reflect custom requests. Consider a Chainsaw Mill, Time-Saving Tips for Running a Bandsaw Sawmill, Here's What You Should Know Before Buying a Woodmizer Sawmill, The Balance Small Business is part of the. PLEASE NOTE: The below prices is for loose loose load measurement. Some mills do strictly pallet material, and some do only grade. Take careful notes when you walk the timberland, keep track of how much veneer, grade, and pallet material is there. 15-18 mths OLD This way of calculating cost will help in determining the cost of many unknown circumstances that show up on a logging job. Delivered Hardwood Logs: £85.00: 1 Bin: £165.00: 2 Bin £5 discount: £245.00: 3 Bin £10 discount: £320.00: 4 Bin £20 discount: £400.00: 5 Bin £25 discount: £450.00: 6 Bin £60 discount: Collection Hardwood Logs: £75.00: Click here to view a Waste Factor Guide. Other sawmills may even want one type of timber. Business Hours ... L.L. Kiln Dried Hardwood - This is a premium firewood product that has been kiln dried to provide the best possible burning performance. Turning Logs into Lumber? Take the number of board feet that you harvested over a period of time. Now that you have all this information, you can determine what you can pay for standing timber. Most likely you will end up with several sawmills as clients. If you have been logging for a year or more, all you need to do is look over your books for the past year. Without these figures, it would be hard to determine the different variables involved in a logging job. The chart with log prices should be read as price per 1000 BF. At Hearne Hardwoods, we sell rough sawn, random width and length lumber. Our products include logs, live edge boards, lumber, guitar parts, veneer, flooring and much more. Unless otherwise noted 9″ – 11 1/2″ wide boards are an additional $1.00-$2.00/ BF and 11 1/2″-14″ wide boards are another $1.00-$2.00/BF. With over 100 species of domestic and exotic hardwood lumber in stock, Hearne Hardwoods is one of the largest specialty lumberyards in the world. 1.888.814.0007 / Toll Free (USA) 1.610.932.7400 / Int’l & Local Hopefully, your costs are much less than $100 per thousand board feet. Welcome to Dryden Hardwoods One of the bosses. Saturday / 8am-4pm EST Contact several sawmills in your area and inform them that you are a logger and will have logs for sale. If you have records for more than one year, it would be a good idea to average in those costs also. Small Logs (6" or less) = approx 400 logs per cubic metre (£10.00/m3 extra). If you require your load to be stacked this carries an extra £15.00 per meter charge on the below prices. Dryden Hardwoods is a small, family-owned and operated sawmill in Dryden, Michigan. Figure can be found in many forms (quilt, curly, birdseye, crotch, etc.) This applies to all members of the Walnut family (Juglans) which include but are not limited to Black Walnut, Butternut, English Walnut, European Walnut, Claro Walnut and Persian Walnut. For example: Poplar: #1 250 would be read as $250/1000 BF or .25/BF To place an order, call 1.888.814.0007, or if you prefer, stop by our retail location to choose your own material. Sunday / Closed, View Our Products We do sort for consistency of figure (medium, heavy, musical instrument) and color (heart, sap, etc.). You can use the same formula for the pallet and veneer logs. The result will be what you would pay per thousand board feet for the standing red oak grade material. Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs | At The Best prices JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Prices. In other words, if you add a decimal in front, that would be price per board foot. We can also accept more than one vendor on the same load and … APPROX 25 nets IN A BUILDERS if you are buying from a garage or morrisons at £5.00 to £8.00 a net,((thats £125 +)),,there arent many wet softwood logs in those nets.-----DRY LOGS THAT DO BURN. Oxford PA, 19363 USA, Telephone It will also help you to present a competitive bid on a high-value logging job. Please call us for pricing on different grades of figure. 1.610.932.3130 / Fax, © 2020 Hearne Hardwoods, Inc. | All rights reserved. Take the whole year and average out your costs. Prices inclusive of VAT at 5% (Fuel Tax Rates) for domestic fuel. Use your cost figure and divide that by the number of board feet you produced. Seasoned hardwood logs cut to 8 inches (200mm) or longer to order, delivered to your door. Log Prices - Delivery - Collection Logs are whole or split, and are available from 6 - 16 inches long, in 3 sizes of bag, or in bulk. Hard Maple$.75 per bf. Keep in mind that requests for one of a kind figure can be significantly more expensive than the below prices. However, as with every natural product, some variation should be expected. Aaron Esch wrote about logging for The Balance Small Business, and is an experienced logger and owner of Michigan Reclaim Lumber. Terms, Hearne Hardwoods Inc. All our logs are produced at our facility in Edgmond (Shropshire) from UK grown hardwood timber. Due to the individual nature of each board, please use this list as a guideline only. Due to the individual nature of … All Walnut slabs and Walnut lumber can only be sold kiln dried with the bark removed. By taking an average over a long period of time, you have a good rule-of-thumb idea of costs that accounts for equipment breakdowns and rough landing conditions. Boards over 15″ wide are individually priced depending on the species. with varying consistencies. Hardwood Logs Ltd (01629) 534475 Home History Products Prices Contact & Hours Useful Advice Feedback BSL Welcome to Hardwood Logs Ltd. For each load we provide a log tally summary (Sample Log tally summary) and invoice (Sample invoice). Armstrong Millworks, Inc. 3039 W Highland Rd * Highland, MI 48357 * 248-887-1037 These kiln dried logs are dried to a moisture content of approximately 15%. PLEASE CALL BEFORE VISITING – Our inventory and pricing change periodically; we may also stock additional species and products not listed below. ALL LOGS ARE NOW STORED AND SEASONED USING THE PALATALIZED NET WRAPPED SYSTEM. You first need to determine the costs of harvesting your logs. Include items like fuel, maintenance, equipment purchases and payments, employees, and so on. Most of our lumber is priced by the board foot (to calculate board footage, convert a board’s dimensions to inches, multiply the length x width x thickness, now divide that number by 144). You will find that different sawmills specialize in different types of material. 54 hardwood logs prices products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which saw machines accounts for 55%, carbonization stove accounts for 7%, and wood crusher accounts for 3%. Hardwood Lumber Softwood Lumber Import/Exotic Lumber Decking Marine Lumber Moulder Blanks Solid Wood Flooring Stairs Lumber Guide & Terms. If a mill offers to pay you $500 per thousand for red oak grade logs. What Is Reclaimed Lumber, What Are the Benefits, and How to Find It, Considerations When Buying a Portable Swing Blade Sawmill. Mixed Hardwood |. Armstrong Millworks Serving SouthEast Michigan for Milled and Rough Cut Lumber, Domestic and Exotic Wood as well as over 1300 molding types. We are now buying many species and grades of hardwood saw logs. How Do You Calculate the Value of Timber? All prices listed on this page include V.A.T. Please Note:  Prices are subject to change without notice. We welcome mixed loads, all species mentioned on our price sheet are wanted. Your total cost is $100 per thousand board feet. For example, if over a year's time you harvested one million board feet of logs and it cost you $100,000 to harvest that million board feet, your formula would look like this: $100,000 / 1,000,000 bf = $0.10 per board foot in cost Now, transfer that into cost … What Are Transportation Accessorial Fees? The next step is to determine the amount a sawmill will pay for the logs that you harvest. Now subtract your cost of harvesting at $100 per thousand bf. Co. has 105 years of experience in the woodworking industry... All L.L. Doing this due diligence will prevent you from paying too much for a piece of timber. Ask them what logs they need and what they will pay for the grade, pallet, and veneer logs. Hardwood and Softwood Logs in Derbyshire. Chris Cheadle / All Canada Photos / Getty Images.