Great stuff. If your life doesn’t feel like a blessing, LEARN how to shift your focus – every day to the place where it does. Robert Piper (4,980) Facebook Twitter. The only real failure in life is not trying. Living a life of integrity is living a life of TRUTH. follow 9 Followers. Focus on your own path, and walk that path, regardless of others opinions. Failure is never the end of the story. 10 Principles About Life to Look at Every Day. The new program 17 Biblical Principles of Success (17BPS) is loaded with it. Think about every major area of your life. If it’s worth the prize, it’s worth the fight. Live by these 20 principles, and you will ensure you live a GREAT life! 17BPS offers you candid conversations with more than 50 — yes, 50! I am greatful to have found Fearless Motivation. I like #3 – being grateful. Yes ma’am! Take responsibility for where you are in life, and accept the challenge required to get where you want to be. You’ll never be successful in life unless you are living the life YOU WANT TO LIVE. MAKE IT IMPORTANT to you and plan it, until it is a habit. If you have developed them, you can create new, better habits that take you closer to your goals. Grateful people are successful people. Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated. We often talk about doing all kinds of crazy shit -- climb mountains, run marathons, skydive, start businesses, travel the ... 2. Keep writing your story, and find a way to become the hero of it. Feed your mind, every day with self development material, new knowledge, empowering speakers AND start taking action – once you start making PROGRESS, belief will come. House Cleaning 20 Principles You Should Live By – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation – WATCH FREE: Success is no accident. 1. If you want it bad, you must be prepared to work for it, to fight for it, to give up everything for it. Life’s Principles represent patterns used by nearly all species to survive and thrive on Earth. It’s never too late to amaze yourself, to shock yourself, to become someone NO ONE thought you could be, not even YOU. Those who truly belong in your life, will be by your side on the journey. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Share Your thoughts on: 20 Principles You Should Live By If You Want An Amazing, Successful Life – Motivational Speech below. You should be in a place where you are ENTHUSIASTIC about giving your all, because you love what you do. FREE DAILY MOTIVATION DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX: I have read and agree to the terms & conditions, Fearless Motivation - Uncommon Being (Album), become someone NO ONE thought you could be, Headphones ON, World OFF – Workout Music Album, Better Than Yesterday – Motivational Speeches Album, Reinvent Yourself – Motivational Speeches Album, Uncommon Being – Motivational Speeches Album, Tom Bilyeu – Motivational Speeches (ALBUM), 10% Human 90% Beast – Gym Motivational Speeches (Album), Don’t You Dare Give Up On Yourself – Motivational Video, The Chosen One (Official Music Video) Fearless Motivation, If You Can’t Focus & Get Distracted Easily: WATCH THIS, I AM HERE FOR A REASON! These seven Biblical principles apply to every person, regardless of culture, background, religion, age, education, or social status. God bless you. That is, the free cultural expression of a people can not be above life, which implies that human sacrifices should not be made, even if it is traditional. (Powerful Motivational Speech), How An Old Lady’s Failed Romance Taught Me The Most Powerful Lesson, Destroy Fear With Courage – Ronda Rousey Quotes, GET BACK UP!