I love DT. Why pay more for a bigger, more cost effective product, when a cheaper, smaller size is all you need? Dollar Tree to the rescue yet again. One of Collin’s all-time favorite Dollar Tree buys is their huge assortment of gift bags! On another vacation (different state) I found small harnesses for our 4 pound dog. Your article has put the fire in our boots. Here’s a little tip for those of you with a sliding glass door and vertical blinds in your bedroom if run your fan at night. – Hip reader Gigi. From what I’ve found these are all good deals compared to buying similar products at other stores. and most coupons are for name brand items. Oh no. Bought the cutest notepad about three weeks ago that said: EXERCISE? Not a good idea. Sunbeam batteries run out very quickly. GREAT deals for sure! Not only will you be in need of extra work shirts, but they will make superb bartering items, as well. Some dollar stores offer online shopping with discounted or flat rate shipping straight to your home. You’ve probably seen your local hardware stores full of tools and supplies to get your garden growing. Dollar Tree’s batteries run out fast and sometimes they have no charge to them when you buy them. I said it’s all one dollar. Many of the same items that would cost up to 10 times more from an educational supply store can be found at these type of discount stores for only a single dollar. You’ll love the selection so much in the Dollar Tree party supply section that you’ll start celebrating in the aisle! I would also be concerned about the chemicals being given off in their candles. On a vacation my husband & myself stopped in to grab something I forgot at home. Throw the best parties on a budget with $1 finds, including tableware, decorations, party favors, and so many other party essentials! One very important thing that isn’t mentioned is condoms!!!! I still sometimes buy brand name pantry food at Dollar Tree. They also have a clear-ish balloon with colorful paper confetti inside! I always buy cards at Dollar Tree now! Instead, look out for the cleaning products from LA’s Totally Awesome and Fabuloso. The remote was used daily- only at nights and I felt like I was constantly changing the batteries! Others separated while I was removing the burned out bulb, making it very difficult to removed the metal screw-thread from my light fixture. Similar picture frames may cost $5 or more at other stores and look just the same. 2/$1 is such a good value. – Hip reader M. The jury’s still out on this one item from Dollar Tree: We’ve received so many comments from readers saying that they’ve found Dollar Tree’s batteries to work just as well (if not better) than popular name brands. And you can get the odd sizes that are usually so expensive everywhere else, looks the knee Band-Aids. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Hip2Save » Articles » Tips » Store Shopping Hacks. I often will take one or more of their organizational buckets and fill them with a ton of cleaning and household stuff. I thought you said EXTRA FRIES….Went back today to buy 3 more to put in my sisters/friend Christmas bag and they were all GONE!!! Don’t waste your money on HEAVY DUTY. Whether you’re looking for plastic, canvas, or wire mesh, you’ll find a ton of organizational products in a variety of shapes and sizes. That being said, there are things you should always buy at Dollar Tree and things every shopper should know about Dollar Tree. Also I like the tea light candles for my wax melt burners. I went once to another store and paid three times the price and those balloons barely lasted a day so since then it’s been the Dollar Tree balloons as I know they’ll last much longer. If you spend just $10 per week buying dollar store preps at a location near you, the survival stockpiles at your home would grow rapidly. Costco has its generic brand 365 tablets for about $11. Single Use Muscle And Joint Pain Relief Pads, Counting Manipulatives – foam colored squares. You might want to keep in mind that during many/most survival situations, there won’t be any trash pickup. Consider investing in a more expensive toolset during a sale (typically Memorial Day and Father’s Day have great tool offers), or wait until Black Friday. The only issue you’ll have is finding the space to store it all. The assortment of $1 vases at Dollar Tree is MASSIVE — tall, short, round, square, clear, colorful… seriously, you can find just the vase you’re looking for without paying more than the flowers. I have been pleased with the canned fruit, the veggie burgers, veggie meat balls, meat balls and the Polish sausage. Take advantage and stock up when they have a nice selection! I use their Zyrtec knock off for allergies. Also use the tender tape ( to tape my hammer toe) and Milk of Magnesia. I have three or four pairs of the exact same pair I use now waiting. Dollar store preps have become almost an obsession during my weekly errand running off of our survival homestead. Also, buy your frozen fruit for smoothies at Dollar Tree as they are much cheaper than the grocery store. A less savvy bargain shoppers might think he or she would run out of new items to buy and continually be stockpiling a handful of the same prepping supplies – but that just is not so, folks. Once I started opening up the dollar store sacks, he quickly realized he indeed needed to go grab our preps inventory list and start recording all of my $1 survival finds.