It also protects against the project sticking to the fresh paint on the box. Build Your Own Spray Booth. It is very sturdy and light which means I can store it out of the way when not in use. Hi, nice one, done this similar idea over the past years . The tape is on both sides to prevent anything from sticking to it. I also had an extra shop light lying around that would fit perfectly. I am always painting things in the garage and up until now, I have always dealt with overspray as well as dust and bugs getting in my paint. That being said for those planning on using solvent-based paints they do make sealed motor fans or you could set up a venturi type of suction system. I would have thought it easier to just cut out the area completely, so I'm wondering if I missed something? DIY Cardboard Spray Booth: I am always painting things in the garage and up until now, I have always dealt with overspray as well as dust and bugs getting in my paint. This would only introduce more particles into the box. Thanks so much. 7 months ago It just isn't rated that way and therefore is MUCH less expensive). If not, you are at risk of starting a fire when using flammable solvent based paints. Was trying to come up with ideas. I am using a shop box fan I have on the outside to draw the air through the hole and then we will be adding a filter on the inside to catch the overspray as it is pulled out of the hole. Great idea, and one I can use for pottery glaze. So I cut a hole in the box top and added a clear tape window to allow for easy inspection. Does your fan have a flameproof motor ? It is disposable. The materials used in making a DIY spray paint booth depends on the model and your plan in mind. After all, if we get a puff of flame it's easy to stop spraying and put it out, as compared to an industrial setting where the flame could easily be continuous due to whatever nasty process a company might have going on. Though i do not live in California and I use oil based stain, so off to internet to locate appropriate fan.Keep up the good work. With all the leftover bits of cardboard, I made a bunch of stands so I could prop my projects above the box floor where there was likely to be painted. I used another large box to create a cover that could be easily added and removed while my paint cured. Additionally, I am impatient and I know that without some way to look at my painted project while it dried I would be very tempted to pull the cover on and off to check on it. Homemade DIY paint booth constructed with fans, filters, plenum, fresh air intake, air supply, lighting, dust control, and supplied air respirator. Replacement Cord 15 AMP,Black; Cording the Dayton Blower 6FHX9. He is an Electrical Engineer and says "Your box-fan should be similarly 'safe' due to using asynchronous motor. DIY Hobby Spray Booth. I live in California where water-based paints are required and there is not that risk. Make this DIY paint booth and use it for all of your spray painted projects. Some of the best things about it are: Runner Up in the Cardboard Speed Challenge. Find a suitable size box that will accommodate your fan, light and whatever you intend to paint. Perhaps that helps. Those throw a ton of fire-starting sparks. Is there a reason you left the cardboard flap over your viewing port? Brushless motors don't produce sparks as part of their normal operation.After that you get into concerns about static buildup and certification testing which is where the explosion-proof motors really start getting expensive.