We invite you to learn more about campus through our Virtual Information Session. Notes on the Agenda: The original 5-day agenda for the in-person meeting was compressed to 4 days for the virtual meeting. Deep Dive Meeting Projects 4.1 & 6.1. Hands-on Sessions Information; Virtual Poster Session; Q&A from the webinar. Virtual Reality Workstation. For more information please contact GMG_Center@caltech.edu. The Workstation includes a HTC Vive goggles, 2 Vive controllers, and a computer with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. Alexa Café (age 10-15) Virtual for summer 2020: Computer camp with entrepreneurship and social activism. Thank you for your interest in Princeton University! Virtual for summer 2020: Hands-on science, field trips and speakers in weekly themes. Because the conference is virtual, the specific format and dimensions of your poster are up to you. SPEAKER: Jonathan Smith (Postdoctoral Scholar in … Please plan on joining us for two half day virtual sessions focusing on InSAR and optical imaging. April 13-14, 2020 from 9am to 12pm (PST) Agenda. We look forward to showcasing virtual posters at the conference. Whether you prefer a guide or exploring on your own, we’ve got a variety of resources to introduce you to MIT. Please see the details below and email the conference organizers if you have any questions about poster presentations. In virtual classrooms, that protection is removed if any student records and publishes (for example, on the Internet) that copyrighted material. All on-campus programming has been cancelled through the end of the year. For the latest information about COVID-19 cases among the Caltech community, visit the COVID-19 Dashboard and the COVID-19 Case Log. Information sessions and on-campus programming. For more information please contact GMG_Center@caltech.edu. iD Tech (age 10-17) Virtual for summer 2020: Computer camp with coding, game development and robotics classes. Online sessions are happening! Item request has been placed! This spreadsheet has 4 pages, one for each day of the workshop, with the questions and answers that were asked/answered online during the webinar. × Processing Request Caltech Library now has a Virtual Reality Workstation that is available to the Caltech Community. Poster Channels on Slack. Pre-recorded Presentations are … Caltech plans to continue with a primarily remote instructional model for both undergraduate and graduate academic programs in the winter term. SEISMOLAB Webinar . × Item request cannot be made. Register for a session today. Get to know us. Explore MIT on your own. Education Unlimited (age 9-13, 4th-8th grade) Students are expected to NOT publish, or make any part of the virtual classroom available to others. Join us for a Virtual Information Session in the form of a 30-minute discussion and presentation about Princeton University from an Admission Officer, followed by a 30-minute presentation from a current student from our Orange Key Guide Service. Violations of these expectations may be considered violations of the Honor Code and of the Caltech Code of Conduct.