When I do any characters, I make an empty “Eye_Focus” and “Track-To” both eyes to it. Align them with your eyes. Love your setup. Put in front of your chacter’s face. No time right now. Cool suggestions. They should track…I hope I made this tutorial clear enough to understand, otherwise I’ll edit it some more. We use optional third-party analytics cookies to understand how you use GitHub.com so we can build better products. ), Fix Model also no longer resets the visibility of objects, Added option to not connect the bones to their respective child, Instead of the exporter, Fix Model was deleting the empty shapekeys now (whoops), Disabled backface culling in mmd_tools again, This will allow you to move much closer to the model without clipping into it, All bones with exactly one child bone will now be connected to that child, Fixed bug which caused the FBT fix to create multiple leg bones when "Remove Zero Weight Bones", Merge Armatures and Attach Mesh are now compatible with Blender 2.80, Renamed "Merge Same Bones Only" to "Merge All Bones" to better reflect what it actually does, Merge Armatures now always merges bones that have the exact same name and position, QOL: Objects not longer get unhidden, unselected or get their mode changed when performing any action, This splits the mesh into two parts, depending on whether it is effected by a shape key or not, Fixed "Join Selected Meshes" joining all meshes, "Remove Doubles" now ignores vertices effected by shape keys, This prevents cases like upper and lower teeth getting merged together, Fixed empty shape keys sometimes not exporting correctly, This fixes the bug that you would open your mouth when looking down in VRChat, Removed support for old v1.x Material Combiner versions, This fixes the random "Material Combiner missing" errors, If you still want to use old versions, please use them directly via the shotariya tab, If a required plugin is not installed, it will now show you the link to the correct version, Added .vrm files to the "Import Any Model" button in Blender 2.79, They will no longer exaggerate as much as before, Added warning when Eye Tracking is set up but there are no meshes named "Body", Blender 2.80: MMD models will now have their textures correctly assigned to their materials in Unity, VRM models as well but only partially at this moment, "Apply Shapekey to Basis" now applies the shapekey at its current strength into the basis, Modified default FBX Exporter to always export empty shape keys, This fixes the above described eye tracking bug, Added multiple Blender 2.8 compatibility fixes, Fixed all compatibility issues with other plugins. Eye.L and Eye.R bones parented FK to headbone; a constraint is put on each: TrackTo FocusEmpty. 9 comments. The new features just blow me away, especially the RVK Target thing. My model's eye tracking does not work properly. If you really want to use a rectangular cube as your control device, then make your cube and set its center to the location of the empty… then track the eye to the cube rather than the empty and delete the empty. Added .vrm files to the "Import Any Model" button in Blender 2.79; Export: Improved export warnings They will no longer exaggerate as much as before; Added warning when Eye Tracking is set up but there are no meshes named "Body" Blender 2.80: MMD models will now have their textures correctly assigned to their materials in Unity I was simply offering a suggestion to match the workflow that Suu999 seems to desire. share. Put that constraint onto your second set of empties. Make the eyes a Child of the Empties and the Empties a Child of the Head. A picture would be nice. Different rigs for different situations. Learn more, This commit was created on GitHub.com and signed with a. But it is always good to have options. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Play with the materials and stuff if you like!). I tried using Bones once with this one character, but the system I’d set up was waaay too cumbersome. save hide report. There was a .blend eyes example on some time ago, I downloaded it, but I still can’t figure out the linkages. I’ve always used bones for this. 116 commits They can be “empty”, but blender won’t export empty blendshapes. I have found that in most cases I get best results constraining one eye to the rotation of the other, then I just select and rotate the one eye. Heirarchy: FocusEmpty parented to Armature: HeadBone. Support. Model them for your character and whatever, and make two Empties in Bounding Box mode. ・瞳の挙動 ・まぶたの挙動 まず、この機能はHumanoidのリグを前提としているため、Generic等のアバターには恐らく対応していないことに注意。 瞳の挙動は相対するアバターがいた場合に相手から見てこちらに視線を向けているように瞳が動く。この挙動はボーンの回転で表現している。瞳の可動範囲はVRC SDKの固定値なので設定不可能。破綻する場合*1は瞳のボーンの支点を前後させたりウェイトペイントで対応する。 まぶたの挙動は顔のシェイプキーで表現している。これを実装すると自動で瞬き … However, it has a tendency to not work quite as well with objects that are placed near, but not close enough to cause eye crossage (that dubious midrange!). I’m definitely gonna use this on my later Blender characters(Yes, I will return!). Learn more, We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Put in two more Empties, respectively in front of the eyes and bounding boxes…Make them the Children of the Cube, and the Cube a Child of the face. Here’s a blend with what I’m talking about. For more information, see our Privacy Statement. It supports the entire 3D pipeline including 3D modelling, rigging, animation, game designing, simulation, rendering, and motion tracking. It is simple. Or, better, make one empty out in front of one of the eyes and track that eye to the empty. Add a Track-to Constraint on the empties that are aligned with the eyes, the first ones, not the ones around the cube. Learn more. Or, better, make one empty out in front of one of the eyes and track that eye to the empty. https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/full-body-tracking, Added "Keep Twist Bones" option to Fix Model, This will keep any bone containing 'Twist', Added "Fix MMD Twist Bones" option to Fix Model, This will apply a fix to make the MMD arm twist bones usable, You do not need to enable "Keep Twist Bones" for this to work, Added "Remove Rigidbodies and Joints" option to Fix Model, This is solely intended for our non-VRChat users, Disabling the option "Remove Zero Weight Bones" now also keeps unused vertex groups, Imported meshes from VRM files now get automatically parented to their armature, Imported armatures now always show their bones in front and in wire mode, Fixed importer error when the FBX importer was not enabled, Fixed importer error when a zip file contained another zip file, When importing a model, objects of a new scene now only get deleted if all three of them are present, Added "Remove Zero Weight Bones" option to Merge Armatures, Fixed objects getting unhidden when doing any cats operation in 2.80+, Fixed exporter warning about tris when they are below 70,000, It will only extract the zip if importable models are found, If multiple models are found in the zip, you can select the one you want in a popup window, Japanese zip files will be extracted with the correct encoding, Models can now be imported with Cats via the Windows command shell, Hips bone will now be larger than before, to comply with the VRChat recommendations, Added "Fix Materials" option in Blender 2.80 and higher, This will apply some VRChat related fixes to materials, This has always been done in Fix Model but now you can turn it off, Remove Doubles no longer effects meshes with no shapekeys, Merge Armatures and Attach Mesh no longer require a mesh on the armature, Fixed bones from the merge armature sometimes getting deleted unintentionally, Added manual download button if Material Combiner is outdated, It is no longer a good method for protecting against cache ripping, Armatures will no longer be forced into rest position after any action, Fixed armatures sometimes not getting detected, FBX no longer imports animations and poses by default, Now always applies transforms of the model, Warning: Currently having an Upper Chest breaks Eye Tracking, so don't use this if you want Eye Tracking, The button to add/remove the fix is still available in Model Options, Improved Hips placement as recommended by VRChat, Legs are now getting bend forward very slightly if they are completely straight, Fixed a bug which could sometimes delete bones unintentionally, Added new "Delete Zero Weight Vertex Groups" button, Improved layout of the "Full Body Tracking Fix" buttons, Fixed visual "Merge Weights" bug in Blender 2.80, Improved Material Combiner detection algorithm, Added "Merge Weights" and "Remove Zero Weight Bones" to the spacebar search, Added "Apply All Transforms" button to correctly apply the transforms of all objects, Separating Meshes now deletes the Basis shape key if it is the last shape key left, Added "Apply Transforms" option to "Merge Armatures", Use this if both armatures and meshes are already at their correct positions, Merge Armature and Attach Mesh now correctly restore the initial state from before the operation, Fixed shape keys sometimes not appearing in the viseme list, "Combine Same Materials" and "Convert Textures to PNG" are now compatible with Blender 2.80, Added loading cursor to "Convert Textures to PNG", Added support for Shotariyas Material Combiner in Blender 2.80, Minimum required Material Combiner version is now v2.1.1.2, It now fully supports VRM models, has a greatly improved combining logic and an updated UI, It also got compression removed, so you will always get full quality images now, Made it more robust to different version naming schemes, Improved initial state restoration after an operation, Backface culling is now always toggled on, Removed tons of unintended functions from the spacebar search, Upon startup Cats now enables "Testing" as supported addon level, Fixed a bug while loading settings during startup, Fixed a bug while loading the initial state after an operation, Fixed imported armatures being in edit mode, Merge Armatures now properly merges bones when the vertex group of one of the merging bones is missing, Attach Mesh no longer removes zero weight bones and constraints, Fixed error when switching to object mode during pose mode, The Blender 2.80 API is stable now, so Cats should no longer break in 2.80, Now selects the imported armature in Cats, Added bone orientation fix after import if all bones point in the same direction, This prevents rendering inaccuracies (thanks Rokk!