By Kendra Cherry Psychology … To become a psychologist, a person often completes a degree in psychology, but in other jurisdictions the course of study may be different and the activities performed may be similar to those of other professionals. In Australia, the psychology profession, and the use of the title "psychologist… This is a brief guide to help you understand what it takes and what you're getting into if you'd like to become a psychologist. Requirements for the NCSP include the completion of 60 graduate semester hours in school psychology; a 1,200-hour internship, 600 hours of which must be completed in a school setting; and a passing score on the National School Psychology Examination." There is a 60 day grace period which allows an individual who has completed a doctoral degree to begin supervised work. Most graduate counseling psychology programs accept applicants with bachelor's degrees in any subject; however, schools may prefer those who've majored in psychology. Educational Requirements Go to college and get a bachelor' Influences on Geriatric Psychology; Majorie Warrenfound that rehabilitation and counseling could help elderly people become more independent. ; Oscar J. Kaplan is often referred to as the “father of geriatric psychology”, and his book, Mental Disorders in Late Life, was the first book written about geriatric psychology. This process begins with the completion of an undergraduate degree program. While working under a temporary license, a psychologist … To become a counseling psychologist, you must obtain a graduate degree and licensure. The Training You Need to Become a Psychologist. A psychology candidate must work under a temporary license while accruing post-graduate supervised experience hours. Australia.